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With numerous varieties and complete specifications

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With numerous varieties and complete specifications

Hangzhou Tengshi Weaver Co., Ltd. is a foreign-tradeoriented production enterprise specializing in the producton of jcquard decorative shell fabrics.  Through years of continuous development, the Tengshi serial cloth artistic crafts have developed four major series of products of yarn- dyed jacquard fabric, various jacquard chenille fabrics, household fabrics and bedding textile articles on the basis of improving production and enlarging scale.

With numerous varieties and complete specifications, our company has an annual production and sale capacity of 6.8 million meters of various decorative fabrics, being largest enterprises in producing decorative fabrics in Linping Fabric.

Our company has passed quality system certification of ISO9001:2000 and can meet the requirements specified in GB/T 24001-1996 idt ISO 14001:1996 and GB/T 28001-2001 standards.

Shier serial yarns feature exquisite craftsmanship, perfect management, first-rate equipment and advanced technology and top-notch quality.  Relying on quality connotation and keen insight, we have a good command of the era's pulse and achieved victories by attaching importance to quality.

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