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C342 Pillow Chair High-grade four seasons universal Chenille sofa fabric

Item: C342
Width: 140cm
Weight: 240g/㎡
Contene: 100% Polyester
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  • C342


Here are the features of this sofa fabric

1. Bright color, trendy pattern, clear texture, high wear resistance, easy to clean, comfortable and soft.

2. Waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-cat scratch, wear-resistant, no ball, easy to clean, no fading, delicate and soft touch.

3. Active printing and high-precision knitting.

The fabric of this sofa is 100% polyester. Material grade + technology level is the core of sofa quality.

That's why I'm introducing this fabric today. 100% polyester is visually and tactile: the texture of haute worsted is so soft, smooth and elastic that you will be amazed at the first hand.

Polyester sofa fabric unique quality, soft and delicate feel, full of three-dimensional! The collision of texture and texture, without deliberate promotion, reflects the minimalist modern texture, transforms the beauty of art, Outlines the three-dimensional sense of space, and enjoys the quality of life!



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