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Velvet Anti Scratch Sofa Pillow Chair Pattern Fabric for Upholstery

Width: 142cm
MOQ: 300m
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The style of life lies in your taste, the quality of the product lies in your choice, the product is valuable in quality, the person is valuable in taste, one room one world, one house one landscape.

We recognize a brand and acquire the value and meaning of its existence through its feelings, perceptions, memories, thinking, imagination and language. My knowledge of polyester yarn-dyed fabric material is shallow, the impression retained is comfortable, is simple, is bright color.

This polyester sofa fabric is characterized by good air permeability, wear resistance, soft and comfortable, easy to clean, not easy to fold, very suitable for home fabrics.

Tengshi Weaving Co., Ltd. is committed to sofa, pillow, curtain and other fabrics for more than 20 years, we have professional weaving technology and advanced machines, advancing with The Times design team, strong execution... These are the indispensable success factors for us to become the first weaving factory in Hangzhou Linping.

We have a good service concept, adhering to the belief that the customer is God, so that the customer relationship with us to maintain more than 20 years. We hope to develop more customers, so that every one of our customers can be satisfied.



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