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Sofa Or Pillow Furnished with Solid Chenille Fabric for Upholstery

Item: C560
Width: 140cm
Weight: 250g/㎡
Contene:100% Polyester
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  • C560


Chenille, also known as cord velvet, is a new type of fancy yarn, which is made of two strands of yarn as a core, and spun by twisting the down yarn (a thin textile made of cotton mixed with wool, silk, etc., which is often used to make clothes) in the middle. Therefore, it is also known as rope yarn, generally sticky/nitrile, cotton/polyester, sticky/cotton, nitrile/polyester, sticky/polyester and other Chenille products. Chenille because of its down fullness, soft feel, fabric thick and light texture characteristics, is widely used in the field of home textiles (sand release wall paper, curtain cloth, etc.) and knitted clothing, it is characterized by the fiber is held in the core yarn, shape like a bottle brush, so Chenille feel soft, appearance is very full. In addition, chenille can also be directly used as a braid line, with warm, draping, good water absorption, good decorative effect. In addition, chenille fabrics are excellent in wrinkle resistance, water absorption, corrosion resistance, and are not easy to damage old Chenille fabrics for a long time, but they are easier to shrink and wrinkle after washing.



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