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Soild color velvet sofa or pillow furniture fabric for upholstery

Item: C554
Width: 140cm
Weight: 275g/㎡
Contene:100% Polyester
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  • C554


Chenille fabric sofa, let you love it in daily contact, it is simple and dry, full of color, soft feel, thick and light, can also be a simple outline of the full line, creating a modern design full of modern sense, and the corner of the soft curve, it eases the visual sharpness of straight and curved blend, giving the sofa a unique balance temperament, both simple and capable, And round and full.

Chenille suede, full and light fabric carefully selected Chenille velvet, thick suede is very full, but at the same time has a light touch, let people in daily contact can not put down. Suede just right sense of slack, for the sofa gives a unique lazy temperament, as long as a sit down, the body will not consciously relax.

Hangzhou Tengshi Weaving Co., Ltd. focus on sofa, throw pillow and other fabrics for more than 20 years, we are self-produced and self-marketing source manufacturers, there is a complete set of production system and management. From raw materials, weaving, wool/coating, finished product inspection and shipment, we have layers of control to ensure that the quality of every meter of goods meets customer requirements. In addition, we have our own design team, which develops new samples every week. If you are interested, please contact us, thank you!



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