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Pillow Chair Flower series fashion retro Bauhinia furniture pattern Fabric

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This facbric is 100% polyester,width 142cm.it can make for sofa or pillow......We have many pattern and colors,if you are interested,please contact us,we can send the samples as your choose.

Polyester sofa fabric has extremely high air permeability and moisture absorption, making it cooler and more comfortable when used in the summer. Polyester fiber has the characteristics of rapid moisture absorption and rapid drying, effectively helping to remove moisture from the body, so that people stay fresh and dry. This is especially important for those who sweat easily. In contrast, other materials such as leather or synthetic fibers tend to get wet and produce odors, while polyester sofa fabrics can keep the couch clean and dry, effectively avoiding these problems.

Compared with other fabrics, polyester sofa fabric also has higher durability. Polyester fiber is a natural material with excellent wear resistance and is not easy to fade and deform. This means that polyester sofa fabric has a long service life, can withstand the friction and pressure in daily life, and still maintain its original beauty and comfort. In addition, polyester fiber also has anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties, which can play a certain health care role, providing a healthier rest environment for family and guests.

In summary, polyester sofa fabric is not only unique in appearance, but also with its soft touch, air permeability and moisture absorption, durability and other characteristics, it is also very excellent in function. It can create a comfortable, healthy and elegant home environment for people. Whether it is to relax or entertain guests, polyester sofa fabric can provide us with the most perfect experience, let us feel full of enjoyment.



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