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Thickened velvet plush fabric sofa pillow fabric curtain

Item: HT953B
Width: 142cm
Weight: 660g/㎡
Contene: 60% Rayon,40% Polyester
MOQ: 300m
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  • HT953B


The composition of this fabric is 60% rayon and 40% polyester, thick and fine mixed yarn weaving, natural sense of bamboo, fog-like color depth is more three-dimensional with a natural sense like linen, but the are not like hemp as easy to wrinkle, and can be washed very easy to take care of the beauty of fabric color interweaving naturally needless to say, The slightly sandy texture in the hand and its undulating texture are also very charming with a simple cut that maximizes the unique flavor of the fabric.

It has good breathability and comfort, environmental protection, no stimulation to the skin, no folding and no curling, not easy to deform and not easy to pilling.

We have good quality and cheaper price,also service paramount.Our products are exported to many countries in Europe and the United States, praised by many customers, if you want to buy sofa fabric, Tengshi Weaving Co., Ltd. will be a good choice for you,please contact us!



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