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C284K 100% Polyester Fabricfor Upholsterv Sofa Fabric for Upholstery

Item: C284K
Width: 140cm
Weight: 286g/㎡
Contene: 100% Polyester
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  • C284K


Polyester sofa fabric has the following advantages:

1. Good comfort: Polyester sofa fabric is soft and delicate, comfortable to touch, does not stimulate the skin, making people feel particularly warm and comfortable.

2. Strong moisture absorption: Polyester sofa fabric can quickly absorb human sweat and moisture in the air, making people sit more dry and comfortable. 

3. Good elasticity: polyester sofa fabric has good elasticity, has a certain pressure resistance, is not easy to deformation, and has a long service life.

4. Easy to clean: polyester sofa fabric can be washed or dry cleaned, easy to clean, does not contain harmful substances, harmless to the human body.

5. Strong durability: polyester sofa fabric wear resistance, not easy to damage, fade or pilling phenomenon, suitable for daily home use.

In short, polyester sofa fabric comfortable, environmental protection, durable, easy to clean the advantages, is a major demand in home life, is one of the modern pursuit of relaxed and comfortable essentials.



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