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Sofa plain/solid woven fabric home fabric throw pillow polyester

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Chenille sofa fabric, it is a high-quality fabric, usually made of cotton and polyester fiber blend, after complex processing has strong wear resistance, but it also has soft, comfortable, protection and other characteristics.

The advantages of Chenille sofa fabric mainly include:

1. Wear resistance: Chenille sofa fabric is blended with high-strength fiber, and multi-process composite treatment is used in the processing process, so that the fabric made has good wear resistance and is not easy to wear.

2. Good softness: Chenille sofa fabric is soft, delicate, comfortable to touch, and can fully reflect the comfort of the sofa.

3. Anti-fouling and waterproof: Due to the special process treatment, a waterproof and anti-fouling layer is formed on the surface of Chenille sofa fabric to prevent the sofa from being polluted by liquid and oil in the daily use process and keep it clean.

4. Good durability: Chenille sofa fabric after special treatment, so that its surface has wear-resistant, anti-fouling, not easy to fade and other properties, so the service life is longer, more durable.

5. Easy care: Chenille sofa fabric cleaning is convenient, usually only need to gently wipe or use neutral detergent can be cleaned, can also be directly into the water to clean. And even if it is used for a long time, it will not make it easy to deform, thin, wrinkled or moldy.


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