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Sofa plain Thick yarn-dyed fabric sofa pillow fabric solid color

Item: C322B
Width: 140cm
Weight: 260g/㎡
Contene:100% Polyester
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  • C322B


Fabric of the day: 100% polyester

Easy to clean :100% polyester fabric has excellent stain resistance and water resistance, can resist dust, oil and other stains, and easy to clean.

Wear resistance :100% polyester fabric has high fatigue strength, wear resistance, and can withstand repeated friction and washing, making it more durable.

Good elasticity and quick rebound :100% polyester fabric is soft and comfortable, feel fine, with good elasticity and quick resilience.

Anti-wrinkle and shrink :100% polyester fabric has good anti-wrinkle and shrink performance, not easy to produce wrinkles and shrinkage phenomenon, can maintain long-term beauty.

High color fastness :100% polyester fabric color fastness is high, anti sun, wash resistance, not easy to fade, keep bright color.

Skin friendly :100% polyester fabric non-irritating, not easy to generate static electricity, skin friendly.

Easy dyeing and processing :100% polyester fabric can be easily dyed, and processed into various styles of sofa fabric, throw pillow fabric and other home textiles.

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