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Sofa or pillow plain/solid woven fabric furniture fabric polyester

Item: C561
Width: 140cm
Weight: 350g/㎡
Contene:100% Polyester
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  • C561


With a coverage of up to 90%, this sofa fabric is widely used on designer platforms and foreign trade export orders.

Features: Chenille cloth with anti-cat scratch function, wear-resistant times of more than 10,000 times, and does not fade, do not lose hair.

Chenille fabrics are made of short fibers or filaments twisted together in varying fineness and strength. Visually, it presents a short fine pile with a light texture. Tactile, soft, full down, lighter than lamb velvet.

The advantage of chenille fabric is its comfort! It not only retains the shape and breathability of linen, but also takes into account the soft comfort of flannelette. Chenille particles have a concave and convex feeling and three-dimensional feeling, and feel extremely comfortable. In addition, the high-weight chenille fabric is wrinkle resistant and wear resistant, and has a long service life.



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