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Green Polyester Friendly Pattern Sofa Fabric for Furniture

Item: C452
Width: 140cm
Weight: 205g/㎡
Contene:100% Polyester
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  • C452


【 Rich colors, diverse styles 】

The charm of polyester sofa lies not only in its inner simplicity, but also in its outer color. Whether it is fresh and elegant rice white, quiet and deep navy blue, or vibrant bright yellow, romantic and warm pink... .... Rich color selection to meet all your imagination of home style. Pastoral style, Nordic style, simple style, retro style. Either way, the polyester sofa is easy to pull off and adds a touch of personal sparkle to your living room.

【 Durable, enduring 】

Don't look at the appearance of polyester sofa gentle, but its inner contains very tough power. The strength and hygroscopic properties of the polyester fiber, as well as the wear and rot resistance, make this sofa have excellent durability. In daily use, it can effectively resist wrinkling, fading and deformation, and even after years of baptism, it still maintains a crisp shape. Regular simple care can make your polyester sofa always maintain a new look, accompany you through one warm family time after another.

【 Summary: Polyester sofa, the choice of quality of life 】

Return to nature, the pursuit of comfort, love color, pay attention to durability of all this, you can find the answer on the polyester sofa. With its pure raw materials, rich color selection and excellent durability, it explains what a high-quality lifestyle is.



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