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Quadrate Design Sofa Or Pillow Fabric Furniture Fabric

Item: HT1033
Width: 142cm
Weight: 600g/㎡
Contene:65% Polyester,35% Cotton
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  • HT1033


This square pattern sofa fabric, poured into the designer's wisdom and ingenuity. With its excellent quality and excellent performance, it has become one of the first choices for many sofas. Every inch of detail shows its unique advantages.

First of all, this square patterned sofa fabric has excellent comfort. It uses high-density fiber, delicate and smooth, soft and delicate touch, giving people a skin-friendly feeling.

Secondly, this square patterned sofa fabric has outstanding durability. The fabric is processed by coating treatment and wool binding technology, which has strong wear resistance and tear resistance. Even after a long time of use, the fabric can still maintain the original beauty and texture, not easy to deform, and excellent durability.

In addition, this square pattern sofa fabric has excellent stain resistance.

In addition, this square pattern sofa fabric is rich in colors and has a high color fastness. Through the advanced raw material dyeing process, the fabric color is bright and durable, and it is not easy to fade. Whether it is a classic pure color system or a fashionable pattern, it can be perfectly presented on this square pattern sofa fabric, adding infinite beauty to the home.

Finally, this square pattern sofa fabric also has good air permeability and moisture adjustment performance, to provide users with a comfortable and pleasant environment.

To sum up, this square pattern sofa fabric has become a bright star of sofa fabric with a series of advantages such as comfort, durability, stain resistance, rich and diverse colors, air permeability and moisture adjustment. It brings not only the external beauty to the home, but also the internal quality assurance, so that people can enjoy the beauty of life in a comfortable environment.



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