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Sofa Fabric And Furniture Fabric with Branch And Leaf Pattern

Item: HT1032
Width: 142cm
Weight: 580g/㎡
Contene:50% Polyester,50% COTTON
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  • HT1032


In the quiet afternoon, the slightly curved bamboo shadow on the sofa is mottled with warm light, like a movement about the harmonious dance of nature and humanity.

Bamboo shadow sofa fabric has unparalleled texture. It uses high-quality skin-friendly fine fiber blend material, fine textile process makes the surface physical structure more uniform, feel soft and delicate, as if touching the warm sunshine. Moreover, through special treatment, the sofa fabric is more wear resistant and wrinkle resistant, so that you can maintain new quality and comfort for a long time.

Secondly, bamboo sofa fabric pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. It uses natural bamboo fiber raw materials, processed and textile fabrics and fibers fully comply with green environmental protection standards, non-toxic, harmless, no odor. The fiber extracted from the bamboo forest retains the natural breath and characteristics of bamboo, and the breath resonates with nature. Every sitting is to respect and protect the nature

Third, bamboo sofa fabric has excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning characteristics. To deal with daily stains and defects, just gently wipe, you can easily remove, return to the original clean. Whether it is an accidental splash of food or a naughty doodle of a baby, it is no longer a worry. The antistatic and compressive properties of the fabric fibers also make the sofa more durable.

In addition, the bamboo shadow sofa fabric is also rich and diverse in the choice of color. Whether it is dreamy pink or elegant gray, it can meet different styles and needs. Moreover, the use of high-tech technology in the dyeing process makes the color full and bright, not easy to fade, adding a unique artistic atmosphere and fashion sense to your home.

Finally, the bamboo sofa fabric is both breathable and comfortable. Its unique fiber structure makes the sofa seat have good air permeability, can better eliminate moisture and odor, so that you always sit comfortably, away from hot and uncomfortable. After a tired day, the comfortable time spent together with bamboo sofa fabric allows the body and mind to get a comprehensive relaxation and healing.

Sincerely respect the bamboo shadow sofa fabric, not only because it brings us beauty and comfort, but also because it contains the harmonious integration of human and nature. In this fast-paced city life, let us return to the embrace of nature, and the shadow of the bamboo forest precipitation, enjoy a leisurely and quiet.



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