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HT951B Pillow pattern Durable Stain Resistant Sofa Fabric for Upholstery Floral

Item: HT951B
Width: 142cm
Weight: 500g/㎡
Contene: 70% Polyester,30%Rayon
MOQ: 300meter
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  • HT951B


Polyester-cotton sofa fabric, as its name suggests, gives a soft, comfortable touch. As a high-texture sofa fabric, poly-cotton fabric has become a highly sought after choice in home decoration for its unique texture and protective properties. It is not only a fabric, but also a work of art, which can add infinite warmth and elegance to the home space.

First of all, polyester-cotton sofa fabric has won the love of many people with its delicate touch and soft tone. The unique texture of this fabric gives a warm and intimate feeling, as if it possesses soft magic to warm our tired bodies and minds. In addition, the soft tones used in the polyester fabric such as dark blue, coffee, gray, etc., can be easily integrated into a variety of home styles, adding a warm and harmonious atmosphere to the space.

Secondly, polyester-cotton sofa fabric has been praised for its excellent protective properties. The fabric is specially treated during production to give it excellent resistance to wear, stains and light. It can not only resist the external impact brought by daily use, but also effectively prevent liquid penetration, making cleaning more convenient. This protective performance ensures the durability and beauty of the polyester-cotton sofa fabric, so that we do not need to worry about the damage of the sofa fabric, and can enjoy a comfortable sofa experience for a long time.



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